Znaplink - Combine unlimited best social link pages into your account 2022

   Written by Avro Kumar

Znaplink Review

Share your social links and content with an auto-updated page that can be shared by a short URL.

Are you looking for an easy alternative? The link to your bio should not be crowded. Does your link rank above all?

Um, of course, yes, I know this why it’s something known in advance.

You know what

Znaplink Your bio link is very popular and helps you to rise above all. Znaplink is very easy for everyone and is very useful for your engagement rate. Also, the bio link provides easy idea for the visitor to click.

Best Alternative to:”” Linktree”” and “” Mailchimp””

What is Znaplink

Znaplink is a simple concept social media management software. The purpose of Znaplink is to carefully link all your links to the Advanced Widget. Znaplink starts working, setting the theme of your choice for your use.

Znaplink is now a special free social media management. Which easily serves as an alternative link to your bio.

Share everything easily with Znaplink, also combine all your bios and other links to position Quran on a single page.

Meet: www.Znaplink.com // promotestech.com

Znaplink Features

Znaplink is a tool that is very important for your social media management. Allows you to create a single page for everything, display content, capture email leads and share bio links.

See Znaplink’s description below to learn more:

Landing Page: Znaplink makes navigating very easy, which organizes all the mobile ready social links on your mobile into a single page.

Short URL: Stream and download songs from all audiences, join your mailing list to promote. You can do this easily by sharing a short URL.

Custom Themes: Set up images and descriptions to match your links, which set up a breeze on the Znaplink page. You can also create your own custom themes.

Auto-updating: Znaplink is an update process for displaying your widgets. Which shows all the content without any hassle.

Product Promotion: Direct all your visitors to the Znaplink page and be able to promote all recent posts, articles, or products.

YouTube or TikTok Widget Embed: Viewers can view your latest videos from Znaplink’s page, just by embedding the Comfort Widget.

Get access

Znaplink Lifetime Deal Terms

  • Your future pro plan updating system.

  • Choose the right method according to your plan without any stacking or code.

  • Active license for you, which must be done within 60 days of purchase.

  • Znaplink is limited to 5 license levels, with the option to upgrade or downgrade.

  • Applies only to new Znaplink users who currently do not have an existing account.

  • Self-contained 60-day money-back guarantee, whatever the reason.

Znaplink pricing

Stay tuned to Znaplink to get offers at reasonable prices. . Accept this access and update all link plans.

License Tier 1

One Time Purchase of

$59.00 $300.00

  • All features above included

  • All Pro Plan features

  • 10 Pro pages

  • 10 custom domains

  • 5,000 email contacts

  • Remove Znaplink branding

License Tier 2

One Time Purchase of

$109.00 $600.00

  • All features above included

  • All Pro Plan features

  • 20 Pro pages

  • 20 custom domains

  • 10,000 email contacts

  • Remove Znaplink branding

License Tier 3

One Time Purchase of

$179.00 $1200.00

  • All features above included

  • All Pro Plan features

  • 40 Pro pages

  • 40 custom domains

  • 25,000 email contacts

  • Remove Znaplink branding

License Tier 4

One Time Purchase of

$249.00 $2400.00

  • All features above included

  • All Pro Plan features

  • 100 Pro pages

  • 100 custom domains

  • 50,000 email contacts

  • Remove Znaplink branding

License Tier 5

One Time Purchase of

$399.00 $4800.00

  • All features above included

  • All Pro Plan features

  • Unlimited Pro pages

  • Unlimited custom domains

  • Unlimited  email contacts

  • Remove Znaplink branding


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How to use Znaplink?

Znaplink is built with 4 easy steps for your page that you can easily launch. And with Znaplink you can claim simple and perfect links.

  • Able to send unlimited emails prepared by you
  • Easy way to customize Znaplink page theme
  • Unlimited perfect links on Znaplink
  • Ease of Google Analytics integration
  • YouTube and TikTok widget access

With built-in analytics, you can manage many brands from a single account and obtain in-depth insights into your interaction.

You want your bio link to be a resource for showcasing your finest work, not a time capsule for each piece you publish. (“Perhaps that Star Wars fan film should have been tailored to the audience.”)

Znaplink maintains your link pages simple and up to date automatically, allowing you to concentrate on developing high-quality content.

Keep your updated fresh content getting all eyes.

Hope you enjoy lifelong access to Znaplink today!


Znaplink Review (Conclusion)

Create unlimited link pages easily with your Znaplink account. In addition, you can manage multiple brands. Znaplink will help you increase your traffic and referrals. So that you can give your audience detailed insights.

Znaplink is very important for your detailed targeting and tracking. Which you can easily manage with Google and Facebook Pixel alone.

Get started with Znaplink today, and realize all your lifetime deals!

Znaplink will sell most of these deals within a week of their launch. So be sure to take all these special lifetime deals for you now with an auto-updated page and social links and content share social links and content share a short URL.

With your best explanation, Promotestech.com 

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