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wp reset lilfetime deal
WP Reset Reviews

Are you ready to try something new? Which will serve as one of the features of your WordPress site. You also exist between any new features or experimental widgets.

Hmm, you’re right. WP reset can install, uninstall and restore the fastest of all WordPress sites or is always ready.

WP Reset resets the site’s database to the default installation values without file changes. WP Reset never accidentally loses data because it contains multiple failed secure processes. WP Reset serves as an essential tool for theme developers.

WP reset code is a built-in snapshot, a quick way to re-check 1-click recovery functionality in a short time.WP WordPress Reset is fast and secure to use and quickly removes all customizations, content, and all parts of theme settings.

Benefit of WP reset in lifetime Deal

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Before resetting your site in WP Reset, confirm yourself and type the word reset. WP Reset will display a message popup on the screen you used so that you can reset the site. WP Reset’s activities are easy and capable of fast resetting. Let us know the details:

Note: Activate the license within 60 days and do not increase or decrease this Agreement within the license levels

You Want to Redesign Part of Your Site

All visitors need better service and significant changes to elements such as the code, content, structure, and visuals of your current website.

WP Reset is an excellent-redesigned website capable of increasing all revenue, low bounce rate, and improving user experience.

You Want to Migrate Your Site

WP Reset, which describes all events by all SEO professionals. WP reset usually changes the location, platform, structure, content, and design of the site.

How to Reset Your WordPress Site

Log in directly to the WordPress dashboard to add new plugins.

wp reset lilfetime deal
  1. Click Install WP Reset Plugin.

     2. Tools – Login to WP Reset.

    3. Scroll down to the Site Reset section.

    4. Type “reset” to confirm the reset.

wp reset lilfetime deal
wp reset

    5. Click the Reset Site button.

    6. Confirm to reset WP.

wp reset lilfetime deal

   7. It takes less than a minute to reset WP.

Backup Your WordPress Website

WP reset will completely delete all your customizations and settings. So before you start the process of resetting WordPress, be sure to create a backup of your website or use a WordPress backup plugin. There is also an option to restore your WP reset site after resetting it for any recurring errors.

Reset WordPress With A Plugin

The easiest and fastest way to reset a WordPress site is using a WP reset plugin. WP Reset is a popular and reputable plugin that will help you reset a WordPress site in just a few clicks, and everyone loves it. What’s even more surprising is that you’ll be able to use the free version.

1. You can install WP Reset Plugin and activate it directly in the WordPress Dashboard by adding new plugins.

2. Go to WP Reset Tools.

3. Scroll down to the site reset.

4. Type “reset” to reset WP.

5. Then click the Site button.

6. Click the reset button to confirm that a popup message will appear.

7. When the reset is complete, your WordPress dashboard will be redirected to the homepage, where the successful message will be displayed.

Reset WordPress Without A Plugin

If you prefer not to use a plugin, you can manually reset your WordPress website without any problems, even if you do not want to use any plugin in WP Reset. This will make the process more difficult, but WP Reset enables you to quickly understand the basics of WordPress installation.

To manually reset all WordPress sites, the Database must also be deleted using a WP reset. Then, you must delete your plugins, themes, and other files and restart the WordPress installation process to create a new database. Here are all the easy ways:


1. First, log in to cPanel.

2. Scroll down a bit.

3. Open the MySQL database.

4. Locate the WordPress database and click Delete at the bottom of the column.

5. Scroll to the bottom section of a new database.

6. Click the name of your new Database and Create Database.

7. Then click on the public_html folder.

8. Select the wp-content folder, and WP Reset will quickly delete your plugin and theme files.

Restoring Your Data After Restarting Your WordPress Site

With WP Reset, you can completely redesign your website. WP Reset provides security to your website and fixes any issues. Reset WordPress’s factory settings to restore your website. Your website can be reset both with and without a plugin. Everyone will like this plugin, but more experienced users can manually reset it.

wp reset lilfetime deal

Both WP reset strategies will free up your site. Then, you can create a brand-new website from scratch, adding all the content when configuring WP’s new settings and installing a new theme and plugin.

WP Reset Pricing

Currently, WP Reset is offering you a reasonable offer price. Accept this access and easily reset and recover your WP. You can also easily update all plans.

WP Reset Team Plan License

One Time Purchase of


⤇ Five site licenses

⤇ 5 WPR cloud site licenses

⤇ 2 GB storage per lifetime Cloud license, 10 GB total

 Over 25 tools

Snapshots and auto snapshots

Plugin and themes collections

Emergency recovery script

WP Reset dashboard

License manager

⤇ White label

Get an extra $10 discount for new users.

  1. Click on the “WP Reset” Appsumo Lifetime Offer page.

2. A discount popup will appear on the screen.

3. Enter your correct e-mail address.

4. Unlock the 10% discount, and stay tuned for later.

5. Check your mailbox for a 10% discount code.

6. This offer is only valid for first-time purchases

Features and Deal Terms of WP Reset


Priyamani also exists with all future team plan updates.

No code or stacking. Just stick with the right plan.

Activate the license within 60 days of purchase

This Agreement cannot be improved or reduced within the license levels.

GDPR loyal

60-day money-back guarantee on any problem

WP Reset Conclusion

Without changing any files, WP Reset can quickly restore the site’s database to its initial installation settings. It removes all customizations and content or elements, such as theme options. We appreciate your use of the 1-click recovery functionality offered by WP Reset’s quick and secure built-in snapshot.

There are many fail-safe methods because you never want to inadvertently lose any of your data. WP Reset provides the best possible support to plugins and theme builders. With an easy way to change parameters and double-check code, it speeds up testing and debugging. It is the only WP development tool that allows advanced resets for non-developers.

The best is with you, Promotestech.com

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