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HD Video Hosting Marketing Vadootv Player is an easy and powerful way to manage your brand’s video records.

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Vadootv Video Hosting and Marketing Creator for your business. And brand, We have come up with the easiest fast. But powerful way to record, manage, distribute and watch videos. It’s easy to encode, and distribute in at least 180+ countries using our team servers. And protects videos with all security features.

Hope you understand? Here’s how to market all your content using CTA, form, poll and quiz medium page.

What is Vadootv Player:

Vadootv is one of the easiest ways to host, manage and share HD video without any ads. It is also one of the most powerful ways to manage and distribute your platform or brand. Your marketing materials such as: educators, trainers, creators, community, content creators, sales and marketing. Professionals, business in video trading, real estate, fitness also many useful tools exist in our apps. You can also use it through CTA, Forms, Polls and Quizzes.

Features of Vadootv Player:

✔  Video hosting high speed complete.

✔  Customizable video player complete.

✔   Landing Page All Custom Videos.

✔  Marketing features such as CTA, forms, video funnels and more.

✔  Video channel.

✔  Video subtitling.

✔  Video chat bubble.

✔  Video testimonials.

✔  Screen recorder

✔  HLS encryption and domain security.

✔  Podcast hosting and player.

✔  Video Email.

✔  Integration with Zapier, Pabbly, Integrately, AWS S3, YouTube, Google Drive.

✔  Vadootv Appsumo’s Top Starter Plan (See Reviwes)

Why use Vadootv Player?

Use Vadootv to do high speed full video hosting for your business and brand. CTA, form, video funnel landing page to create a customizable video player from Vadootv. Video channels and used for video subtitling. Vadootv also uses various tools including video chat bubble, testimonials, screen recorder. HLS encryption, podcast hosting, and domain security make your platform easier and more robust.

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Product Pricing:

With the right Vadootv Player, you are buying the highest quality products for your business for very little money.

Vadootv Player

Payment of

$49.00 $180.00

⇥  Unlimited Videos & Audios
⇥  Unlimited Bandwidth
⇥  Customizable Video Player
⇥  Video Landing pages
⇥  Podcast Hosting
⇥  Unlimited Domain Security
⇥  HLS Encryption
⇥  Video Bubble, Request Video page & Video Channels

Vadootv Player Contract Terms:

  • 1 year access to Vadootv player plan.
  • You must redeem your code (s) within 60 days of purchase.
  • 1 year update of Vadootv player plan.
  • Please note: this agreement is not stackable.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, whatever the reason.
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In alternative products of Vadootv Player:

  • Wistia.
  • Vidyard.

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Users of:

Build scalable video programs. With significantly lower bandwidth prices, easy for live TV.
Penetration in remote places with limited bandwidth for Edtech.
To Social Networks – Develop scalable societal video adventures for a diverse group of consumers.
Construct Shoppable video journeys for consumers with different bandwidth for marketplaces.

It’s a peer-to-peer CDN that uses WebRTC to lower video streaming bandwidth costs and improve latency for live and platforms!
Vadootv is a P2P SDK integration that can help you save up to 90%.r, reducing re-buffering costs for video streaming and Video.js are among the notable players supported.


All the activities for your business and brand, such as video hosting and marketing maker and management, is a little tedious work that is done in a fast and powerful way in Vadootv Player Our team servers do all the work very carefully, which is very important for your business and platform.

“Vadootv Player plays a vital role in managing all the activities of your brand”

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