UUKI - Creators' Easy White-Label Community Platform 2022


Do you want to easily create a community for all enthusiasts or manufacturers interested in NFT, cryptocurrency, educational courses and products? Where you can keep your community organized and easily discuss all your posts again?

UUKI is for you where it is able to easily integrate with an etamask-like crypto wallet which is a complete bonus for you.

With the help of UUKI, an online community management tool, you can create genuine connections through events, conversations, and material that is associated with your own brand. This gives you total control over your data and the ability to customize your theme and domain. Designing engaging event websites, inviting attendees, collecting fees, communicating with them, and keeping them informed are all simple processes.

With the help of UUKI, you can give your audience a platform where they can communicate with one another and participate in debates with rich text and media. With UUKI, you can quickly create a subscription model or offer premium content for a one-time cost.

Features of UUKI


UUKI Tools is unlimited and easy to connect to your actual media.

Your community platform is excellent for coaching, NFT, courses, and many other things. You can create a community to your course on an LMS or another course platform to enable your students to connect with you and learn from one another.

Additionally, UUKI enables you to run a premium or paid community and charge for digital goods.

What kind of platform does UUKI apply to?


Integrate UUKI with embed codes and API with platforms, Discord, Facebook, Vadootv, AskJarvis, Heartbeat, Nifty, Dukaan, ProductDyno, Znaplink, SMS-iT Decentralized, BIGVU, Squirrly SEO, Picvario, Sturppy, WordHero, DeepWord, Zagomail, Selldone,Blisk, ask, Agiled,Luminar, SendFox, SocialJuice, Sellix, Gurucan, Boei, VidTags, Writecream, SleekBio, SheerSEO, YayMail, SocialNowa, Linkz.ai, Mobilzer, Snackeet, Switchboard, Superdocu, SocialJuice, Crigloo, woolentor, Fireapis, Beacon, Shopper.com, EventTitans.

UUKI the 1 year best deal


UUKI 1-year plan access

You must redeem within 60 days of purchase

Limited to 1 year of UUKI update plan

Please note: this agreement is not stackable

60-day money-back guarantee, whatever the reason

UUKI Pricing of low cost


Payment of


UUKI Starter Plan

Unlimited members

1 Community

1 Moderator/Admin



Direct messaging


Group chats

UUKI 10% discount for new users


Go to the “UUKI Appsumo” deal page.

Wait a while for a discount popup to appear.

Enter your email to get more exclusive benefits.

Keep using the same email ID.

Get $10 discount at the end.

This is only valid for new users.

UUKI what and how it works

Uuki Due to its Web3 architecture, UUKI may interface with cryptocurrency wallets such as Metamask, which is advantageous for bitcoin owners.

The platform allows developers to display NFTs produced on several blockchains, including Etherium and Polygon. You can even create a community where membership is determined by NFTs.

Uuki Additionally, you can white-label community sites by incorporating them into your website and adding your company’s logo and colors.

Uuki it is very goods parfomrse by white level platform.

UUKI conclusion

UUKI is able to create a community platform for your coaching, NFT, courses and a community in your course

In addition, UUKI is always able to connect everyone. Create your subscription model via UUKI in a very easy and fast way. UUKI is now offering you premium content for a one-time cost. Accept access today.

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