Stackby- completely new way to customize and automate platform, 2022

Stackby is now a completely new way to create, customize and automate the energy team’s workflow.

Written by Avro kumar

Stackby Review

Multiple tools overload without Stackby “WebMD, which is not yet the right way to think about you.

Stackby is now a completely new way to solve all your problems. Stackby creates, customizes and automates the workflows of all your planned teams in new ways very easily and quickly.

Are you anxious to organize and automate all activities and all your planned ways?

What is Stackby

Stackby is a new way of working management platform. Also, Stackby is an all-in-one cloud that makes all your activities a lot easier. Stackby works like any database that can be used as a spreadsheet. Stackby is a fully customizable platform for business that is able to easily connect to 2000+ apps easily.

Stackby in the general sense is an organizational tool you need. Which is a customizable spreadsheet-style database for all platforms. Stackby is also an easy-to-create platform for managing your own company-specific tasks with Business APIs.


Starting Stackby does not require any skills or training.

Why use Stackby

Stackby is an all-in-one flexible platform. Stackby easily blocks the building of all spreadsheets, databases and APIs. Enables all the planning, management and automation of a trader. Also makes it easy to mold in powerful databases.

Spreadsheets and Databases: Stackby is a unique single platform for integrating all spreadsheets, databases and business APIs.

Customize the data: Stackby is able to visualize it in layout formats, including all grids, cans, calendars, galleries and forms. You can also customize data with 25+ column types.

Data Sync: Stackby is able to automatically sync data by linking columns to all projects. Which can always keep you always refreshed and up-to-date very easily.


Best for Stackby: Marketers organizations, small businesses, and project teams looking for more efficient ways to plan, organize, and manage team workflow

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Lifetime access to Stackby Personal Plan

Pricing of Stackby

Stackby is now a completely new way to create, customize and automate the energy team’s workflow. Noe Your platform is completely new way to create. 

Stackby Personal Plan

One Time Purchase of


  • 1 user
  • 5,000 rows
  • 20 stacks
  • 4 GB attachment per stack
  • 5 MB file upload limit
  • 3 API integrations
  • 3 months revision history
  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop apps
  • Developer API

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How to use Stackby

You can start sorting right now by creating your own database from Stackby’s Scratch, importing data from pre-existing sources like spreadsheets or Google Sheets, or choosing from over 150+ pre-built templates across numerous categories.

With Stackby, when you first start using the platform, you can set up basic column types, including text, number, date / time, associate, dropdown, and rating.

Choose to view your data in any way at Stackby, everyone else on your team is seeing the same thing.

All of Stackby’s changes are synced automatically, allowing you to communicate in real time by adding checklists, creating reminders, and even sending Slack notifications for specific rows.


Available on Stackby web browsers, mobile (iOS and Android) and desktops, allowing you to develop and automate workflows from anywhere.

Stackby Conclusion

Stackby is a great single customizable platform. Which is able to integrate the best spreadsheets, tables, databases and business APIs. Stackby real-time team collaboration also plays an important role.

Are you planning to develop a new product, or have you already started? StackBy can help visualize your entire product roadmap.

StackBy A Product Roadmap StackBy outlines exactly what you’re working on, as well as the challenges you want to address for your customers and your company’s objectives.

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