SocialNowa Chatbot: Latest Instagram, Facebook Messenger's Automatic Update Platform 2022

SocialNowa chatbot which is the highest and best among Facebook, Instagram chatbots. Also, a great way to schedule your lead generation, support and social posts.

SocialNowa Chatbot

Except SocialNowa ChatbotWorried about scheduling all social posts on your platform and creating Instagram and Facebook chatbots?

Also, do you find it very tedious to compile traffic data and fill out the form again?

SocialNowa Chatbot has come up with solutions to all the problems of your platform. SocialNowa Chatbot helps you get rid of clutter you don’t need. SocialNowa is able to quickly and easily create your Chatbot and schedule all posts on your platform.

MEET:  SocialNowa Chatbot

What is SocialNowa Chatbot

SocialNowa Chatbot This is a simple way to have a human-like conversation. SocialNowa Chatbot is a very helpful way to create a lead to manage all the queries on your platform. SocialNowa Chatbot is able to post all content with all availability.

SocialNowa Chatbot collects phone numbers, emails and all other information on your platform. Which is always able to keep followers engaged regularly.

Best Alternative To: Chat Survey and Click2Contact 

Features of SocialNowa Chatbot

SocialNowa Chatbot is a business owner and all digital marketers have all the necessary tools for Facebook and Instagram. SocialNowa Chatbot automatically comments and replies to your platform, which builds trust and engagement.

Drag-and-drop builder: Drag-and-drop builder on SocialNowa Chabot is able to create Facebook and Instagram DM automation flow in less than a minute. It’s easy to use Visual Drag-and-Drop Flow Builder with a simple template or just scratch.

Ecommerce Store: One can easily set up an eCommerce store on all platforms through SocialNowa Chabot. So that you are able to sell any digital product and collect orders.

Click-to-Messenger: SocialNowa Chatbot lets you use click-to-messenger ads to drive additional traffic to your messenger page. Where your traffickers can easily ask questions and make purchases.

Adding Leads: Automatic SocialNowa Chatbot is easy and a great way to add leads. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Hands-on Live Chat: SocialNowa Chatbot helps keep hands-on support across all platforms. So that you can easily use the connection or live chat feature at any time.

Zapier or Google Sheets: In addition, the SocialNowa chatbot works with Zapier and Google Sheets to enable your sales and support teams to automate their processes.

SocialNowa Chatbot The Best And Lifetime Deal


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60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Pricing of SocialNowa Chatbot

SocialNowa Chatbot is a reasonable offer for you. Get access to all your plans at low cost and get access


One Time Purchase

  • All features above included
  • 3 Facebook accounts
  • 10 Facebook pages
  • 10 Instagram DMs
  • Feature Title
  • 1 Facebook Messenger ecommerce
  • 2 team members

One Time Purchase

$118.00 /
  • All features above included
  • 5 Facebook accounts
  • 20 Facebook pages
  • 20 Instagram DMs
  • 2 Facebook Messenger ecommerce
  • 3 team members

One Time Purchase

  • All features above included
  • 10 Facebook accounts
  • 50 Facebook pages
  • 50 Instagram DMs
  • 5 Facebook Messenger ecommerce
  • 4 team members
  • 2 sub-accounts

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Why use SocialNowa Chatbot?

With the rise of social media, there is no way to escape from the internet. People stay in it day and night, checking in with their friends and being able to shop.

SocialNowa Chatbot

Facebook Messenger bot

Instagram DM automation

Instagram Auto comment– Reply

Facebook Auto comment– Reply

E- Commerce Feature

Social media scheduler

Digital product store 

Subscriber broadcasting

Chatbot templates

SocialNowa Chatbot Conclusion

You can easily explore the library of video tutorials with all the benefits of Socialnova Chatbot. With this socialnova chatbot you can easily streamline your workflow as a support representative, social media.

SocialNowa Chatbot can automatically automate all your necessary tasks. Also, easily scale your platform or business with a no-code chatbot.

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