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play ht
Play ht Review is now an easy voice generator for you, which is a very simple method of text-to-speech voice over for your videos and posts.

Do you find it very annoying to have a high quality audio and easy technical setup for a platform? You also want to avoid other microphones, equalizers and editing to get high quality audio.

Do you know how important is to get your written content into the serial? Using this AI voice generator you will be able to create the best voices from Audio, Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. is a new voice generator. This review applies to you.

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What Is is capable of embedding and distributing audio in the normal sense. is a website that easily converts you and your text into audio.

In a word, text to speech synthesis is also the simplest and alternative platform of the new AI voice generator.

play ht  Features

Conversation experience is very important which is able to add multiple voices to

And the experience of correct pronunciation and smooth listening also enhances the in a beautiful way. 

Let’s explain everything below:

AI language: AI Voice on beautifully describes your written content in over 60 languages ​​and over 570 AI voices.

Normal sound: Your voice in AI Voice is very important for normal sound which is guided by Machine Learning. Also, it’s not a beep beep robot sound.

MP3 or WAV: Be able to add multiple voices for all your conversations or experiences. You can easily export those files again in MP3 or WAV format.

Bounce Rate: makes it easy for all your listeners as well as readers to easily pronounce, tone, rate and emphasize. So that you can keep the low bounce rate of your site right. Analytics: Listens to all of your listeners to let you know exactly how your site’s core metrics are working.

Your Dreamer: Follow the rules of , then you can easily crunch, the numbers while listening to your groundbreaking podcasts carefully.

WordPress Plugin:’s plugin makes it easy to convert all your blog posts to audio directly.

Post Customize: Audio embedded in your post which is always ready for download, even by repeat listeners. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. edits the audio to emphasize all your experiences,

play ht

Accentuate your voice with a smooth voice, that all viewers can spend more time and listen properly.

Other features and deals terms: now Lifetime access

All future growth plan update procedures

Redeem the code within 60 days of purchase adds 10,000 words and 50 GB, and is capable of stacking unlimited code

GDPR loyal

The 60-day money-back guarantee now applies only to you.


Note: Previous AppSumo users who purchased will be able to upgrade their features by purchasing extra code.

Features Included

Standard voices

Premium voices

Unlimited previews

Unlimited downloads

Commercial use

Speech styles

Multi-voice feature

Embedded audio players (non-white-labeled)

White-labeled audio players

Audio analytics

Podcasting solution

Email lead generation  pricing

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10,000 words per month

100 GB


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150 GB

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Make your site more accessible and enjoyable on through audio articles. Which can increase your blog or website by 5% – 30%. And increase the average session duration to 645% by reducing all bounce rates by -280%. has now started offering you some great website audio articles, including Medium, Financial Times and Bloomberg. Which is through lifelong access. Text to Speech Synthesis is also an AI voice generator. that converts your text into audio and enables easy website management.

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