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Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I’ll tell you. Am I feeling the hassle of handling privacy issues such as centralized, server-side solutions or multiple e-mail IDs? Can’t find an answer?

Then Mutant Mail which is the solution to all your problems now. Yes, You heard proper. Mutant Mail is capable of struggling with multiple e-mails. Mutant Mail-centric, server-side solutions help you manage various e-mails at once.

Meet: Mutant Mail        Best Alternative To: Paced Email

Mutant Mail, which lets you easily keep all e-mails in a single inbox and is peaceful

Mutant Mail is a medium where you can easily send and reply to all your domain e-mails from any inbox. Mutant Mail is now the most superficial and preferred mailbox for sending and receiving e-mails across all domains. 

mutant mail

Mutant Mail All use an e-mail ID or central inbox that helps manage e-mails from all domains. You can use the Mutant Mail encryption key to keep all data 100% private. Mutant Mail also has zero downtime infrastructure.

Features of Mutant Mail

Mutant Mail is an easy way to respond to all e-mails quickly. This saves more time for all users and does not need to remember different passwords.

Mutant Mail There is no need to spend money hosting all e-mails. Mutant Mail helps to support everything in a more clean mail inbox without leaving all e-mail IDs in an e-mail client.

Easily manage email

Mutant Mail is a fantastic program that is able to keep track of all your nicknames. Mutant Mail indicates or confirms that the e-mail you are sending has been sent with the correct alias and everything from your current inbox.

mutant mail

Saves time and clients

To run a business and respond or have too many e-mails, it is impossible to reply to all the e-mails daily.

But Mutant Mail helps all clients save time and brings all the e-mails to one inbox like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This makes Mutant Mail easier to manage your e-mail.

Mutant Mail is superior to email forwarders and clients

Kanna Email Forwarder / Client requires more e-mail IDs. In addition, you have to survive the drop-down response to all e-mails at all times.

mutant mail

Your e-mail ID can be set up for a different recipient by Mutant Mail. For example, your support team will receive all support e-mails, while your legal team will receive all e-mails related to legal issues.

Separate email IDs

Your email ID can be set up for a different recipient by Mutant Mail. For example, your support team will receive all support emails, while your legal team will receive all email related to legal issues.

Mutant Mail can thus differentiate the types of your e-mail IDs across all your businesses.

Mutant Mail can help you quickly maintain the look of all your nicknames in multiple ways.

Mutant Mail deal terms


Get lifetime access to Mutant Mail today.

You must complete your code redemption within 60 days of purchase.

Updating all future mutant mail plans is very easy.

60-day money-back guarantee on purchases for any reason

Mutant Mail pricing

Mutant Mail is currently offering you a reasonable offer price. Accept this access and make it easy to work with multiple e-mails. You can also update all e-mail plans.

Mutant Mail

One Time Purchase of


10 Allowed Domains

50 Email IDs

15 Recipient Email IDs

Option to disable catch-all

Priority Email Queue

5 GB Monthly Bandwidth

View Failed Deliveries

Configure Rules

Stack 2 codes to receive all of the above, but with the following upgrades:

20 Allowed Domains

75 Email IDs

25 Recipient Email IDs

25 Recipient Email IDs

Disable Banner/Branding

Stack 3 codes to receive all of the above, but with the following upgrades:

30 Allowed Domains

35 Recipient Email IDs

100 Email IDs

10 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Disable Banner/Branding

Stack 4 codes to receive all of the above, but with the following upgrades:

40 Allowed Domains

125 Email IDs

45 Recipient Email IDs

12.5 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Disable Banner/Branding

Stack 5 codes to receive all of the above, but with the following upgrades:

50 Allowed Domains

175 Email IDs

60 Recipient Email IDs

20 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Disable Banner/Branding

Get an extra $10 discount for new users


Click here for the “Mutant Mail” Appsumo Lifetime Offer “page.

Wait for a discount popup to appear.

Enter your e-mail address correctly.

Unlock a 10% discount and move on to the next step.

Check your mailbox for a unique 10% discount code.

This offer is valid for first-time purchases only.

How to work in Mutant Mail?

Although Mutant Mail offers a very user-friendly interface, Mutant Mail will be able to send, receive and manage e-mails using all domain e-mail without logging in.

You can reply to the forwarded e-mail by clicking directly on the e-mail without any fatigue. The same domain e-mail ID will help your receiver use to get e-mail.

mutant mail

Sign up for Mutant Mail:

You must sign up for Mutant Mail to gain full access to all other tools in Mutant Mail.

Are you ready to register?

All you have to do is fill in three things – a username, a valid e-mail address, and a password that you can use in less than a minute.

Add Domain to Mutant Mail:

This is a simple 2-step procedure and process. Click on the Domains tab at the beginning. Then copy and paste a few lines. E-mails will be attached to your domain at the end of the process.

Are you ready?

Send and reply to all the required e-mails quickly from your single inbox.

Finally, email:

Before, you needed to create an e-mail ID on the fly. Now all setup is almost finished. You will then need to enable Catch-All to get the nickname after receiving the first e-mail automatically.

Are you capable of catch-all?

mutant mail

Mutant Mail can also retain your nickname, and you’ll be able to quickly reply via a single inbox and send new e-mails of your choice.

Mutant Mail conclusion (Reviews)

We’ve introduced Mutant Mail to make your e-mail management easier. I hope you learned a lot about mutant Mail in the above quote. You can quickly receive, send or reply to e-mails from any inbox.

Mutant Mail is a very affordable solution with a monthly subscription that you can cancel whenever you want. Buy the tool that you now have in Lifetime Access. This will enable you to have a peaceful life and do business.

The best is with you, 

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