Linkjoy Re-target all your one-time visitors, generate lots of leads and increase your brand awareness.

Linkjoy- Free Lead Creation- A Link with Bio Page new user ($10) discount 2022

Now, the benefits of LinkJoy’s ROI potential are just the beginning. Because of LinkJoy, more people will use it for marketing purposes!

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Linkjoy Review

Except for Linkjoy Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I’ll tell ya. What you don’t know is that the bio-link maximizes the current location of your one-time followers. Want to count followers better?

This is LinkJoy and you are in the right place. Linkjoy is ready to help you the most by creating leads with your bio link.

Let’s get acquainted. “” “” // “” “” See below for more details.

Best alternative to: “Linktree” “Bitly” and “Rebrandly”

What is Linkjoy

Linkjoy is shortening the URL of a bio link quickly and easily. Linkjoy re-targets one-time traffic to the site. Linkjoy is able to run ads and scripts to re-target visitors. Measures the performance of a dashboard and easily adds links to post linkjoy.

Linkjoy is a brand of trainers and content creators that drive more traffic through all its activities.

Be able to create leads with a simple link through Linkjoy. Also, Linkjoy always helps to increase awareness and traffic of all your brands.

Alternative To:  Linktree, Bitly, and Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Features of Linkjoy

Linkjoy usually provides bio links, link retargeting, and Instagram post links quite easily. Linkjoy also helps marketers get a bigger ROI on your platform. Due to which, the traffic to your site is increasing exponentially. The details are given below:

Link Management Tools: There are many tools in Linkjoy that help keep all the links of your site together in one place. Linkjoy makes it easier for your site traffic to access all digital channels for social media, email etc.

Real Time Editing: LinkJoy is able to do all the activities of your site together. Also, LinkJoy is always ready to update all the files instantly.

Link Analysis: LinkJoy is the correct method of analyzing all the data of your site completely. Which always helps to re-target or evaluate your traffic.

URL Shortener: LinkJoy is able to create accurate and perfect short URLs for your bio links. LinkJoy also builds branded links by measuring your performance.

Retargeting: LinkJoy helps you retrieve visitors to your browser. LinkJoy is able to increase your traffic by retargeting your site.

Recommendation Engine: This is a tool from LinkJoy that is able to re-recommend all the information or items of your specific traffic.

Linkjoy The Best And Lifetime Deal

Get Lifetime Access to Linkjoy

Ultimate PlanYou redeem your codes within 60 days of purchase

Linkjoy is capable of updating all future ultimate plans of your site

Be able to stack up to 3 codes

GDPR loyal

60-day money-back guarantee  just for you


All of those plans include LinkJoy

Unlimited custom script (integrations)

Customizable layout selection

Custom postflix in shortened URL

Tag feature

UTM builder

Link preview (OG tags)

GDPR settings

Generate QR code

Chrome extension

A/B testing

No “Powered by Linkjoy” branding

Layout selection

All themes

Customizable font



Customizable buttons

Unlimited blocks

Meta and OG keywords



link joy

Linkjoy Pricing

LinkJoy is now offering you a reasonable offer price. Accept this access, and you can update all lead creation plans with links on your bio page.


One Time Purchase



One Time Purchase



One Time Purchase


All features above included

Creator Plan

300,000 total clicks per month

100 Instagram bio links

50,000 retargeting links

500 link in bio links

3 custom domains

All features above included

Pro Plan

10M total clicks per month

1,000 Instagram bio links

300,000 retargeting links

5,000 link in bio links

10 custom domains

All features above included

Agency Plan

Unlimited total clicks per month

Unlimited Instagram bio links

Unlimited retargeting links

Unlimited link in bio links

Unlimited custom domains


Get Extra $10 Discount, For Linkjoy New User

Get this access today, update all the Ultimate Plan of your site and get 10% special discount with

LinkjoyAppsumo Lifetime Offer “page Click here 

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Unlock 10% discount, and click Next Step.

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This offer is valid for first time purchase only.

Why use Linkjoy

LinkJoy helps you to generate more leads.

LinkJoy helps raise brand awareness of your winter users.

LinkJoy Notice the many ways to recapture one-time traffic to your site.

LinkJoy helps you to generate more leads.

Using LinkJoy you can quickly strengthen all your posts on Instagram.

link joy

Your users are able to easily shorten the URL so that you can easily run scripts targeting visitors again.

How to use Linkjoy

Linkjoy is a very important tool for your platform where you can simply add short links as you wish. LinkJoy is able to make your link permanently simple in just four letters with caution. LinkJoy is also a very easy way to share links.

LinkJoy is now the best way to describe your site or business. For any inspiration on your site, type “Inspiration” and enter LinkJoy.

You get a product tour that you can always cancel by clicking the “X” button. The product tour shows you around the platform, as well as the page layout.

metaLinkJoy will show you some product tours with page layout around your platform which you will be able to easily reject by clicking again.

LinkJoy can curate your dashboard and make all locations, devices and click referrals look great. Also, click on the calendar icon to easily see LinkJoy retargeting your URL and biolinkin.

LinkJoy is able to keep each of your pages at the top, and presents the “Upgrade Plan” button for all plan changes.

LinkJoy makes your platform easy to use. Prepare yourself to get quick updates and maximum benefits from LinkJoy.

Linkjoy Conclusion

We can help you create campaigns that engage your customers before they make a purchase using social bio links, link retargeting, or Instagram post links.

Now, the benefits of LinkJoy’s ROI potential are just the beginning. Because of LinkJoy, more people will use it for marketing purposes!

Linkjoy is short of your bio link URL and is always ready to retarget all visitors.

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